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About Moore Out of Life w/  Aleanya Moore

Who is Aleanya Moore?

Aleanya Moore, a middle child of 4, who grew up in Toledo Ohio. Her childhood was plagued with challenges, growing up having to overcome living in low-income housing, a no show father and a schizophrenic mother that was addict to both drugs & alcohol. Aleanya and her siblings were raised by their grandmother.  Her grandmother provided the basics (food, clothing & roof), but lacked emotional stability, comfort and sound guidance.  She ran a strict household with virtually no personal freedom.  Aleanya and her siblings knew what they could and couldn’t do while Granny was gone to her job “bingo” every night.  Growing up in the projects witnessing daily drugs, violence & constant poverty, left Aleanya feeling unsure of what life was beyond the dysfunction that surrounded her.

In High school Aleanya’s best friend convinced her to try out for basketball, not know that it would change her life forever.  Like many kids, it provided an outlet to escape her environment.  Playing basketball allow her to see beyond her circumstances at home.  It offered her the support and guidance she had been looking for her entire life. 

Aleanya played basketball and added track & field to her resume. She met Coach King in high school and developed a life-changing bond with him. He taught Aleanya about character, hard work, discipline, self-accountability and so much more over the years. Coach King taught her about self-worth and lit a fire in her heart for SUCCESS!  She saw him as the father figure she never knew. He laid a foundation that would allow her to develop into the woman she is today. The two sports gave her an opportunity to travel outside of Toledo, where she saw there was much more to the world than where she had been living (dysfunctional family, lack of resources and a crime infested community).  Sports gave Aleanya a taste of what life could be and the life she wanted for herself.


After high school Aleanya became the first in her family to attend college.  In 2002, she attended the University of Cincinnati, where she studied Criminal Justice. The college experience gave Aleanya a fresh start and an opportunity to grow as a person. Leaving Toledo was the best thing that could have happen to Aleanya.  She knew that in order to have a different life from what she was use to, she needed to think differently and do different things.  While still in college she realized she had a passion for empowering young girls and engaging in community projects. She saw that there were many young girls just like her, that didn’t understand nor know the value of self-worth.  Aleanya graduated June 2007, breaking a family cycle and leading the way for those coming after her.


Aleanya relocated to Indianapolis Indiana in 2007. She worked with at-risk youth as a Counselor and founded a non-profit organization called Ladies Under Construction Inc (LUC) in 2009. LUC’s mission is to empower young girls to become successful women. LUC consist of group & individual mentoring sessions for young girls between the ages 8 and 18.  


Aleanya has been recognized for and received multiple awards for her work to empowering the youth.  She continues to serve as a community advocate and life coach for young women. She started a life coaching business called Moore Out of Life Speaks.  It was designed to empower young women ages 16 and older, to strive to get “Moore Out of Life” despite their circumstances.  It teaches that type of life you have is determined by the choices you make and is a result of your perception.  Aleanya’s motto is: Stay Focused….Dream Big….& Never Give Up!.

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